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Supernova Scheduling Tool

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The Supernova Scheduling Tool is an advanced Excel-based spreadsheet used to enter your 12/4/2 appointments and then download to Outlook. After entering your client's names (up to 120 per spreadsheet) and butler names (up to 180) and choosing the months for in-person meetings the spreadsheet will automatically calculate for you what kind of appointment you have on any day of any month. You then can download a week at a time to Outlook.In Outlook appointments are based on 12/4/2 (20 minute for monthly update, 40 minutes for quarterly review and 60 minutes for in person). It will also create for you a client or butler schedule card that lists that person's appointments for the year you can send to clients or print out.

System Requirements: Outlook 2007 or greater, Excel 2007 or greater Windows based only

Support: One year of phone/email support and free upgrades.
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$ 1,995.00 $ 2,500.00